A One-on-One Training Session for New Athletes ONLY!

  • For New Athletes ONLY
  • Discounted Private Training Session ($37)
  • Schedule Online – Lasts About an Hour
  • No Experience or Gear Required
  • No Strings Attached

The Benefits of Classic Boxing Coach

Whether you are already a boxer, or are a boxing fan who wants to get in shape, a white-collar professional who’s interested in learning some self-defense, Classic Boxing Coach offers you a no-frills boxing program that emphasizes real techniques, training methods, and ring wisdom. No other programs emphasize the technical, individualized and scientific approach that we do.

Real Boxing Technique

This is not cardio-boxing. This is not “use only in self-defense.” This is real boxing training, tactics and ring strategy – for sport.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Boxing Training is Interval Training. Your body will adapt by making the heart and lungs better at delivering oxygen.

Strength, Power, & Endurance

Boxing is anaerobic. This means you will develop more strength and power. Utilizing the arms, legs and core – it is the ultimate full-body workout.

Fat-Burning Weight Loss

Unlike traditional cardio, not only will you burn heaps of calories during training – but for hours after training has ended.

Stress Relief

Take the stress out of your normal life in a productive way. You’ll be calm, relaxed and ready for life’s next curve-ball.

Coordination & Awareness

The mechanics of boxing will enhance the connection between your brain and your body. This increased aptitude will transfer to other areas of your life.

After the Trial Session, What Happens Next?


The Trial Session is designed so that we can see where you are at with your skills and fitness, while you decide whether our gym and coaching style is for you. From there, we try and create a program that fits your needs (and budget!) without requiring things you don’t need or want. Let’s build something that works for you. We are not a one size fits all kind of place!


Some people prefer private one-on-one type training sessions, other people are more comfortable in a group setting. Our ‘small group’ training sessions limit the athlete to coach ratio to 4:1. By keeping our groups small, it allows us to give each and every athlete individualized attention – to ensure that all your questions get answered and that you are continuously progressing.


All of our training is freely scheduled by our athletes through our online portal. Schedule for whenever you’d like! Training lasts about an hour. Our first sessions tend to be around 7am and our last around 7pm. If you need to reschedule, just hop online with 24-hours notice and move your session to another open slot. We’re going for maximum flexibility.

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