This is not the fitness-style boxing you may have seen in some gyms or video programs.  This is the type of gym workout all competitive fighters must master to develop a devastating set of hands and the wherewithal to use them.  Make no mistake, because boxing is one of the most demanding sports there is, it demands its’ practitioners be among the most fit and capable athletes in the world.

Whether you are already a boxer, or are a boxing fan who wants to get in shape, a white-collar professional who’s interested in learning some self-defense, Classic Boxing Coach offers you a no-frills boxing program that emphasizes real techniques, training methods, and ring wisdom.

Depending on each fighter’s ability and comfort level, the techniques and training methods we use can be set at an individual pace to accommodate your particular skill and fitness level. We can coach anyone who wants to learn and will corner anyone who is up to the challenge.

Classic Boxing Coach’s boxing program will get you in fighting shape even if you never want to get in the ring. If you do want to get in the ring, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Sure, boxing requires explosive strength, technical skill, high levels of endurance, agility, and dexterity. And, of course, the importance of  confidence, dedication, and heart cannot be overstated.

But in modern fight-sports, brain and brawn exist on even playing fields and, for that reason, boxing is often referred to as a science. As a coach, our goal is to develop within each fighter an innate understanding of that science.

Once established, this understanding enables each fighter to maintain, analyze, and improve his or her own repertoire of techniques, physical abilities and mental  toughness. By being fueled by an enthusiasm rooted in a love of the sport, this adeptness can never be lost.

The benefits of our boxing program occur outside of the gym as well. Life is filled with blows. Life requires toughness and resiliency. There are few better places than in the ring to receive concentrated lessons in the need and ability to face one’s fear, absorb punishment and summon the courage to carry on. Boxing, more than any other sport, functions as a metaphor for life.

Whether you want to make personal gains for yourself or to join the journeymen and women making their way to the bright lights of fight-sport notoriety, our program combines the warrior’s skill-set with personal growth.

Not if we can help it!

Somewhere along the line, boxing has a gotten bad rap. Not so long ago, in the days of pomp and circumstance, boxing was considered a “gentleman’s sport.” Short of a duel, it was the proper and dignified way to settle disputes or best one’s rival when debate and other roads of influence came to an impasse. However, nowadays, largely due to the portrayal of boxing in the mainstream media and related changes to our cultural sensitivities, for most non-participants, boxing represents a brutal and vicious sport – a disgusting celebration of violence, blood and rage.

Erupting in a blind-fury and pummeling another person couldn’t be farther from the true nature of boxing. Boxing requires self-control, a calm mind, wit and calculation. Why else would we encourage a disadvantaged bully to enter a boxing gym? To become a better bully? Of course not! It’s precisely the opposite. It’s to instill self-respect, self-worth, self-control, a respect for others, and coping skills in the face of adversity.

That being said, there is a practical component to boxing which, for those who desire – and for those who are ready (and fortunately, not just for men anymore) – can participate. What’s more, there are degrees of contact. There are many stages between partner drills and all-out-sparring. This is a controlled learning environment where we explore the boundaries of our abilities and related fears – perhaps most notably, the fear of being punched in the face.

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