Our Boxing Programs in Orange County

Any Goal

Any Skill Level

  • Basic Offensive & Defensive Technique
  • Basic Footwork
  • The Boxer’s Workout: Rope, Shadow Boxing, Hitting the Heavy and Light Bags
  • Basic Mitt Work, Conditioning and Strength Training
  • Incorporate Basic Techniques into More Complex Combinations
  • Counter-Punching, Bobbing, Weaving & Inside Fighting
  • Improve Speed, Power, Focus and Agility with Advanced Conditioning and Mitt Work
  • Spar Drills/Occasional Sparring
  • Confront Opposing Styles
  • Advanced Ring Generalship
  • Regular Sparring
  • Condition for Competition
  • Compete w/ Full Corner Support
  • Changed My Life!

    Whether it was by helping me lose weight or providing me with the fundamentals of boxing, Classic Boxing Coach has unquestionably changed my life for the better. Chuck’s love for the sport and desire to bring out the best in his students is contagious. He’ll turn your initial curiosity for boxing into a downright passion. I find myself not only pushing harder with every single passing training session but also constantly looking forward to the next. In sum, he’s more than just a boxing trainer; he’s a coach.

    masters boxing training near me
    Brian W.
  • Pinakaepektibong Paraan

    Si Chuck ang pinakamahusay na trainer na nakilala ko. Madetalye at klaro siya magturo, at tinatry nya talagang kilalanin ang kanyang mga kliyente para mamotivate nya kami sa tamang at pinakaepektibong paraan. Kung beginner ka na gustong matuto ng mga fundamentals ng boxing, o beteranong boksingero na gustong dagdagan ang kaalaman sa boxing, si Chuck ang trainer para sa ‘yo!

    the best boxing training orange county
    Rafael A.
  • Something I’ve Always Wanted

    It doesn’t matter if your starting off or are already competing Classic Boxing Coach will help you with whatever it is you want. They helped me for my fight and got me ready the right way. I felt 100 percent going in to it. They helped me achieve something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m sure with their way of training they can make anyone a better fighter. They teach solid techniques and will show you step by step till you get it right.

    great boxing for beginners irvine
    Victor M.
  • Take it to the next level!

    If you are looking for a real boxing coach to teach you real boxing then Chuck is the guy to go too. Whether you wanna learn the fundamentals of boxing or are ready to compete Classic Boxing Coach will help you achieve your goals. I’ve been training with Classic Boxing Coach for about a year and have learned so much and I am still learning a lot every time we meet up to train. Not to mention I have also lost a lot of weight since I started training. So if your looking for a boxing coach that’s gonna push you and motivate you to get better and take it to the next level Classic Boxing Coach is the way to go!!!


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    Pierre R.
  • Great Boxing Program!

    Classic Boxing Coach is such a great training/Boxing program!! We have been training for a month now and they have taught me so much already. I have also found my boxing getting a lot better after each training session. A must go if you are looking to get back into shape, learn more about boxing, or just get back into the ring to compete.

    great boxing training laguna beach
    Nick S.
  • Learning Something New Everyday

    The thing that makes him better than most boxing coaches is that he trains every fighter differently, according to the style they fight. Been working with Classic Boxing Coach for about a year now and am still feeling I’m improving and learning something new everyday.

    learning something new everyday with boxing training laguna beach
    Kevin B.
  • Absolutely Smoked

    Chuck is an incredible coach. He’s present, clear, fun, and leaves me feeling like a solid foundation to work with and fundamentals to practice during the week. He gets me absolutely smoked in my muscles that I did not even realize had to do with boxing! I can honestly tell my friends and family about Classic Boxing with enthusiasm to sign up because Chuck is the real deal! And don’t worry about sparring (unless that is where you want to go >KaPow).

    absolutely best private boxing lessons orange county
    Atom F.
  • Second to None

    The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be. Bruce Lee. Classic Boxing Coach falls in line with this quote… Chuck is a great coach, friend, and fighter. His boxing program is second to none here in Orange County. This is no cardio fitness program with loud music and mirrors to see yourself.. you learn the basic of boxing; ring movement, defense, footwork, and endurance. The same basics you learn here you can use in life. I recommend this program to anyone novice to pro.. Classic Boxing is the best!!

    Dominic C.

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Private Training

Appointments are scheduled online. Drop-in appointments, package deals and monthly plans are all available. Schedule a Trial to get started!