How to Find a Good Boxing Gym?

Most, if not all, gyms have boxing classes these days. However, if you really want to learn how to box, you’ve got to find a boxing gym that has a traditional boxing program – or if not a traditional boxing program – one that specifically teaches classic boxing. Cardio-boxing classes just won’t cut it.

If you want to take up boxing in Laguna Beach and you’ve googled “find a boxing gym near me”, then you know that finding legitimate boxing gyms or a local boxing club is getting harder and harder to do – but that’s why we created this guide that contains helpful tips on finding a boxing gym that meets your needs.

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This map contains all of the boxing gyms in California that we know of. It is probably not complete nor completely accurate. If you discover errors or wish to be included, please send Classic Boxing Coach an email providing the pertinent information. Last update: 12/2011.

How do I find a good boxing gym?

Boxing is a complex sport that requires you to both develop adequate boxing skills and put yourself in the right state of mind. This demanding, yet rewarding sport will test both your physical and mental readiness, push you to your very limits, and inspire you to get more out of life.

However, to acquire all the benefits boxing brings, you need to find a boxing gym or center that can offer carefully devised programs unique to your needs and physical capabilities. Mastering the boxing skills is easier when you have professional support and guidance from an experienced coach who can advise you on your form, approach, tactical skills, etc.

Top tips on finding a world-class boxing gym

In Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas, you are likely to find several boxing gyms. However, not all of them will help you achieve your fitness goals and offer you a comprehensive boxing program in accordance with California State Atheltic Commission guidelines.


Thus, should you decide to enroll in a master’s boxing class and achieve a higher level of fitness and mental endurance, you should find a trusted boxing center by following these steps:

  • Research your options. Browse the Internet to find reputable boxing gyms in your area and find out more about each center. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find one that suits your needs and personality.
  • Ask for references & experience. After narrowing down your options, schedule an appointment with preferred boxing coaches. Use this opportunity to learn more about their experience and qualifications. You need a qualified coach who can help you achieve boxing mastery and eliminate the risk of injury.
  • Find your mentor. Most importantly, find a boxing instructor who will be your true mentor, guiding you on your way to physical and mental transformation. You need to feel connected and comfortable working with your coach.
  • Consider other participants. Take a look at other participants since this can be a valuable source of information. For instance, if they are white-collar professionals who are serious about their personal development, this can send an important message about the center itself.
  • Check out clients’ reviews. Both online and in-person reviews from current and former participants can demonstrate the excellence and reputation of a boxing center.
  • Inform yourself about the programs. If you want to reap the most benefits out of your boxing course, you need to find a center dedicated solely to this sport. Additionally, they should enable you to choose between personal and group training.
  • Don’t forget the equipment & setting. You should consider the environment where your boxing classes will take place. A clean, tidy setting with all the required equipment is an indicator of how serious and committed your boxing coaches are.
  • Seek convenient benefits. Perks such as flexible online scheduling and control over your schedule can be a big plus, especially for busy professionals who want to stay active and relieve stress while also achieving business success.

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