Changed My Life!

Whether it was by helping me lose weight or providing me with the fundamentals of boxing, Classic Boxing Coach has unquestionably changed my life for the better. Chuck’s love for the sport and desire to bring out the best in his students is contagious. He’ll turn your initial curiosity for boxing into a downright passion. I find myself not only pushing harder with every single passing training session but also constantly looking forward to the next. In sum, he’s more than just a boxing trainer; he’s a coach.

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Brian W.

Great Boxing Program!

Classic Boxing Coach is such a great training/Boxing program!! We have been training for a month now and they have taught me so much already. I have also found my boxing getting a lot better after each training session. A must go if you are looking to get back into shape, learn more about boxing, or just get back into the ring to compete.

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Nick S.

Learning Something New Everyday

The thing that makes him better than most boxing coaches is that he trains every fighter differently, according to the style they fight. Been working with Classic Boxing Coach for about a year now and am still feeling I’m improving and learning something new everyday.

learning something new everyday with boxing training laguna beach
Kevin B.

So Much Technique!

This place has such a friendly environment. No one here is trying to prove anything, just quality men and women learning some boxing. Chuck is a great coach. He definitely has this broken down to a science. I believe this guy could write a school text book on boxing. It’s mind blowing that he has so much technique to teach, and when he teaches it is so clear and easy to understand. I’ve been to a few other gyms in the area but I’m most satisfied with this one.

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Mike V.