The Real Thing!

I trained with Classic Boxing Coach for 3 weeks while traveling on business in Costa Mesa. Having boxed recreationally for years, I have trained with coaches in many different cities, including trainers of world champions and US Olympic team coaches. Chuck is the real thing: he has excellent technique, and a deep knowledge of the mechanics and strategies of boxing. He helped me with my footwork, and set a challenging pace that kept me striving and improving my technique. He is an excellent mitt holder, and a very nice, intelligent man. He was always respectful and never condescending, which I especially appreciate, since as a middle-aged woman, I sometimes encounter coaches with pre-conceptions about my abilities and potential. I believe I can keep growing as a boxer, and Chuck helped me to do that. The workouts were always well- structured, but not rigid. I would recommend Classic Boxing Coach as a coach to people at any level, including beginners, who want to learn to do it right!