Precise, Knowledgeable, Motivating, Enthusiastic

Classic Boxing Coach is the best boxing gym ever! I wanted to get into boxing for a long time and as a beginner, Classic Boxing Coach’s training prepares me both mentally and physically. He is precise, knowledgeable, motivating, enthusiastic, and just an excellent coach/person. The training sessions are fabulous because Chuck gives excellent instructions and guides you every step towards the goal. The work outs are intense but at the same time they are fulfilling. Chuck not only provides great knowledge to the sports of boxing, he also has great understanding about nutrition, weight-loss, and how the body works. When I told Chuck I wanted to lose weight, he asked me to write him a diary of what I eat. After going over my diary, Chuck wrote me a three-page long essay documenting all the things I can do to help enhance my health!! That speaks a lot about Chuck because he doesn’t see you as a client but see you as a friend and he wants you to succeed. I have lost 10 pounds since I started a month and half ago. Another thing that made Classic Boxing Coach stand out from all the other gyms is definitely the atmosphere. It’s a family here. The people at the gym are friendly and Chuck made everyone interact so well. I now see Chuck not only as my coach but as a very good friend of mine. I will definitely recommend Classic Boxing Coach to anyone who is interested in Boxing or just wants to get healthy. Chuck is the man!