Who are our boxing trainers

Well, we are not a franchised gym chain with wall-to-wall mirrors, every weight machine imaginable, and high-margin earbuds in a gift shop. Nor are we the dingy and dank boxing gym from Rocky, with spit buckets and blood stains, where you jump rope for weeks, waiting for a trainer’s attention.

We’re a small training studio with neighborhood professionals. What makes us special is our character and our talents, and the character and talents of our members – who we greatly value – and the community we create for each other.

Why choose us

We love what we do. We have a genuine interest in improving the health and fitness of our athletes, and because – bottom line – we get results.

  • Personal and Professional Instruction
  • Commitment to your safety and well-being
  • Comfortable, clean and social environment
  • Friendly, helpful support; No “tough-guy” egos. All walks of life are welcome!
  • We believe that Balanced Wellness (Physical/Mental, Work/Life) is key to a Healthy Lifestyle.

Burn More with Boxing

Boxing Training ~ 873 Calories/hour
Running ~ 668 Cals/hr
Playing Basketball ~ 546 Cals/hr
Lifting Weights ~ 409 Cals/hr
Walking ~ 239 Cals/hr
Sleeping ~ 89 Cals/hr


Real Boxing Technique

This is not cardio-boxing. This is not “use only in self-defense.” This is real boxing training, tactics and ring strategy – for sport.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Boxing Training is Interval Training. Your body will adapt by making the heart and lungs better at delivering oxygen.

Strength, Power, & Endurance

Boxing is anaerobic. This means you will develop more strength and power. Utilizing the arms, legs and core – it is the ultimate full-body workout.

Fat-Burning Weight Loss

Unlike traditional cardio, not only will you burn heaps of calories during training – but for hours after training has ended.

Stress Relief

Take the stress out of your normal life in a productive way. You’ll be calm, relaxed and ready for life’s next curve-ball.

Coordination & Awareness

The mechanics of boxing will enhance the connection between your brain and your body. This increased aptitude will transfer to other areas of your life.


Coach Chuck

Chuck Eisenberg

founder, head boxing coach

Chuck has created two innovative and unique fitness programs: Classic Boxing Coach and WillTrek. Both programs emphasize personal growth and physical fitness through structured challenge.


Our Members

smart, motivated, friendly

Our athletes are our most important team members. We learn from each other, motivate each other, support each other and share each others’ triumphs. Join us!