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Várias academias hoje em dia oferecem aulas de boxe, mas esta foi a única em Orange County que não focava somente em condicionamento e sim em treinamento técnico também. Os fatores distintos e diferentes de outros lugares foram a limpeza do lugar, o número pequeno de alunos por aula (máximo 4 – ótimo para iniciantes e intermediários) e a personalidade amigável de ambos os treinadores. Foram o carisma e a maneira profissional de Chuck que selaram a minha inscrição a esta ótima academia.

Eric N.

बॉक्सिंग सीखने के लिए यह शानदार जगह है । मुझे सुविधा पसंद है, इसमें सभी आवश्यक उपकरण हैं।
कोच चक कमाल है। वह मिलनसार, पेशेवर और उत्कृष्ट हैं। उनकी प्रशिक्षण शैली बहुत तार्किक है और हर छात्र के लिए अलग है।

Akshaj A.

Lors de mon arrivée en Californie, je me suis mis à la recherche d’un club de boxe focalisé, non pas sur le fitness et le cardio’, mais l’apprentissage des techniques et la pratique. « Classic Boxing Coach » a répondu, jusqu’à présent, à mes attentes – et plus encore.

Les entraineurs, Max, Morgan & Chuck, sont excellents. Ils ont leurs spécificités, dans leur manière s’enseigner – cela apportant une certaine fraicheur aux cours –, mais partagent cet enthousiasme contagieux, cette pédagogie et expertise prompte à faciliter l’apprentissage. Ils sont attentifs à vos progrès et communiquent entre eux, maintenant ainsi une cohérence dans l’enseignement quand bien même vous eussiez changé d’entraineur de temps à autre.
Ils n’hésiteront jamais à discuter avec vous les techniques ou même à les revisiter, si nécessaire.

Le programme est simple. Les cours durent une heure et évolueront au fil des séances, i.e. les premiers enseignements porteront sur les fondamentaux – positionnement, etc. – et les différents coups – comment les effectuer correctement, gérer l’espace, etc. Ces derniers seront ensuite intégrés dans des combinaisons, et couplés à des techniques de défense. L’opportunité se présentera rapidement de les mettre en application dans des combats amicaux contre d’autres étudiants. En effet, la formule la plus populaire de « Classic Boxing Coach » est le cours ‘semi-privé’.
Dans cette formule, les cours ne se font pas en 1 vs. 1 avec l’entraineur, mais en groupes d’un à quatre étudiants pour un coach. Les séances sont partagées entre entrainement en tête à tête avec le coach – à hauteur de deux – trois rounds par séance – et pratique sur les sacs ou ‘sparring’. L’intérêt de cette formule réside dans la présence d’autres étudiants. Leur motivation est communicative et, souvent, nous pousse à donner le meilleur de nous-même. Ils sont aussi d’excellent conseil.

Deux aspects restent à mentionner : (i) « Classic Boxing Coach » requiert un effort, tant à l’entrainement qu’en dehors. Venir en dilettante ne permet pas d’en profiter pleinement ; de plus, (ii) le prix des séances n’est pas négligeable. Néanmoins, l‘investissement, tant physique que financier, en vaut largement la peine.

Tristan A.

Classic Boxing Coach is the best gym I’ve ever trained at. The coaches are top notch when it comes to technique which is something I wanted to learn more. This is a serious but fun and friendly boxing gym that helped me get better and meet people who share the same love for the sport that I do. Chuck, Morgan, and the rest of the staff I can tell love investing in others to help them reach new heights. I’ve learned a lot from training here this past year. I love my fellow training partners and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

Issac C.

Healthier and Happier than Ever

If you are looking for a professional environment and a highly qualified coach in sports training, you should stop by Classic Boxing Coach and spend sometime with Chuck and his team. Their methodology of training is effective, science-driven and suitable for all levels of athletes. I am neuroscientist and a long-time Ironman triathlete that was out of commission for 3 years because of injuries. Six months ago, I decided to get back in the game and started training for trail runs and triathlons. I met Chuck and discussed my goals of using boxing as cross-training to improve my performance. Chuck designed an outstanding program based on the latest training techniques and physiological research mixing old school boxing and modern science. In less than six months I lost 30 lbs., and gained the strength, speed, reflexes and endurance necessary to compete in long-distance races. Amazingly, I also got pretty good on boxing, and learned the mechanics in a very intuitive way. However, what impresses me the most is how boxing is making me more confident, agile and smart at professional and personal levels. I’ve never trained so smartly and I’m getting the results. I’m healthier and happier than ever!

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Rodrigo M.

Changed My Life!

Whether it was by helping me lose weight or providing me with the fundamentals of boxing, Classic Boxing Coach has unquestionably changed my life for the better. Chuck’s love for the sport and desire to bring out the best in his students is contagious. He’ll turn your initial curiosity for boxing into a downright passion. I find myself not only pushing harder with every single passing training session but also constantly looking forward to the next. In sum, he’s more than just a boxing trainer; he’s a coach.

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Brian W.

Pinakaepektibong Paraan

Si Chuck ang pinakamahusay na trainer na nakilala ko. Madetalye at klaro siya magturo, at tinatry nya talagang kilalanin ang kanyang mga kliyente para mamotivate nya kami sa tamang at pinakaepektibong paraan. Kung beginner ka na gustong matuto ng mga fundamentals ng boxing, o beteranong boksingero na gustong dagdagan ang kaalaman sa boxing, si Chuck ang trainer para sa ‘yo!

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Rafael A.

Something I’ve Always Wanted

It doesn’t matter if your starting off or are already competing Classic Boxing Coach will help you with whatever it is you want. They helped me for my fight and got me ready the right way. I felt 100 percent going in to it. They helped me achieve something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m sure with their way of training they can make anyone a better fighter. They teach solid techniques and will show you step by step till you get it right.

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Victor M.

Talent, Experience, and Passion

I walked through Classic Boxing Coach’s front door a little over a year and half ago with no prior boxing experience. The only tools I possessed were a desire to work hard as well as the burning desire to eventually compete in my first amateur bout. I believe that the only way to truly get good at something is to focus on that particular skill set exclusively along with a coach who has the talent, experience, and passion necessary to teach that one skill set in the RIGHT WAY. Not only did I evolve into a better boxer with the skills necessary to compete in my first amateur bout, Classic Boxing Coach also transformed me into a much better athlete via his strength and conditioning program which is, of course, geared towards athletic performance enhancement for the ring and not just for beach muscles. What makes Classic Boxing Coach so unique is their ability to not only teach you the proper techniques of boxing but also the ability to turn you into a elite athlete if you so choose to take part in the strength and conditioning program (you must participate in this training if you really want to get an edge on the competition). If you want big pecks, bulging biceps, and massive thighs then go to your nearest fitness center but if you want to compete on the amateur or professional level in boxing and become a phenomenal athlete simultaneously then get with Classic Boxing Coach, they know the game very well and will take you were you need to go if you have the will to let them take you there.

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Matt M.

Take it to the next level!

If you are looking for a real boxing coach to teach you real boxing then Chuck is the guy to go too. Whether you wanna learn the fundamentals of boxing or are ready to compete Classic Boxing Coach will help you achieve your goals. I’ve been training with Classic Boxing Coach for about a year and have learned so much and I am still learning a lot every time we meet up to train. Not to mention I have also lost a lot of weight since I started training. So if your looking for a boxing coach that’s gonna push you and motivate you to get better and take it to the next level Classic Boxing Coach is the way to go!!!


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Pierre R.