Find a Boxing Gym

While most, if not all, gyms have boxing classes these days – if you really want to learn how to box, you’ve got to find a boxing gym that has a traditional boxing program – or if not a traditional boxing program – one that specifically teaches classic boxing. Cardio-boxing classes just won’t cut it.

If you’ve ever googled “find a boxing gym near me”, then you know that finding legitimate boxing gyms or the local boxing club is getting harder and harder to do – but that’s why we created this map of boxing clubs in California. We can’t make any representations as to which are the best boxing gyms, we can only say that they have boxing specific programs. We hope you find a good boxing gym near you!

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This map contains all of the boxing gyms in California that we know of. It is probably not complete nor completely accurate. If you discover errors or wish to be included, please send Classic Boxing Coach an email providing the pertinent information. Last update: 12/2011.